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We have been specialising in uPVC Doors for over 30 years, installing the highest standard of products in homes across Bournemouth and Dorset. Contact us today for more information.

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Quality uPVC Products for Your Bournemouth Home

Our uPVC Doors have become so popular with our Bournemouth customers due to the large selection that we offer. At County Windows, we ensure that only the best products are installed in our customer’s homes. By offering doors that are manufactured using the latest technology and the finest materials we can provide a secure and energy-efficient product time after time. Our standard is set high, making sure that our Bournemouth customers are offered uPVC Doors at a competitive price that will deliver on quality.

If you are a Bournemouth homeowner looking for a high-quality uPVC Doors installation, then why not choose County Windows. As a DGCOS recognised company, you are guaranteed a professional installation with our expert staff. We know how important your time is, so we will always endeavour to complete an installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. This leaves you to enjoy your new uPVC Doors without any hassle.

uPVC Doors To Suit Your Bournemouth Property

Our friendly team will help you to find the perfect upgrade for your Bournemouth home with our wide range of uPVC Doors. Every door that we offer comes in a selection of different colours and with a variety of modification options. These uPVC doors are a great upgrade for ageing timber or steel doors. Unlike these designs, you won’t be left with the same high maintenance issues that plagued both materials, instead enjoying long-lasting quality.

Our Range

The Dorset homeowner will be pleased to welcome people into their home through a new uPVC Front Door. You’ll be able to customise your new front door to fit the style of your home, with doors available in ‘White’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Golden Oak’ finishes. With a variety of designs available, these doors can be fit into any style of property, both old and new. Each of our uPVC doors is available with optional furniture such as handles, letter plates, knockers and more.

Our uPVC doors are manufactured with secure multi-point locking as standard. This will give homeowners complete peace of mind that their property is protected from modern burglary techniques. The multi-point system engages at different points of the frame to keep security consistently high across the whole door. The multi-chambered profile within the door adds robustness, providing strength against those trying to break into your home.

If you are replacing your front door with one of our products, why not secure your Bournemouth home even further with one of our uPVC Back Doors. All of our doors come with the same secure multipoint locking system, meaning the security of your home stays consistent across the build. This system is expertly integrated into the frame to prevent it from being used as a point of leverage, effectively engaging at different points of the frame to ensure the highest level of security.

Connect your home to your garden with our uPVC French Doors which are both functional and stylish. We can now offer 20 colours and woodgrains for creative flexibility if the beautiful standard white isn’t quite for you. Slimline hinges come in 8 colours and our hardware in 5: White, black, chrome, gold and silver. All of this can be combined to suit your home and your tastes to ensure you get the ideal fit across the board.

Our uPVC Patio Doors comprise an intelligently designed sliding mechanism that enables them to offer you more space to utilise in your home. The Air-Glide running system maintains a perfect balance, giving you simple and quietly operating uPVC doors. Thresholds available are standard, low and ramp, making your home accessible for the whole family. Across our uPVC range, we have 20 different finishes available, so your patio doors can be tailored to best suit your taste.

Benefits of Choosing uPVC Doors

Our uPVC Doors offer an excellent standard of thermal efficiency for your Bournemouth home. This is achieved by an intelligently designed multi-chambered profile, which works to break up mini-convection currents to trap in pockets of warm air within your home. Our uPVC Doors have been manufactured with draught-proof features to keep the elements outside. Increasing the heat retention of your Dorset home does more than just keep the winter winds at bay. By being more thermally efficient, you can save money on heating costs too. As the warmth from your central heating stays inside your property for longer, you may find yourself relying less on heating the house, which in turn will save you money on energy bills.

Our uPVC Doors are designed to require very little maintenance. At County Windows we know how busy our customers are, that’s why all our uPVC products require is the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Our uPVC back doors also bypass the problems that usually accompany a timber door, namely the possibility of any warping, discolouring, twisting, cracking, or warping out of shape when the doors get wet or are used over a long period of time. You won’t have to worry about any sanding, painting, or cutting to ensure our uPVC back doors work as they should.

Prices for uPVC Doors in Bournemouth

If you’ve chosen the uPVC Doors you would like for your Bournemouth home or you would like to discuss another double glazing product, then get in contact today. Our team can be contacted on 01962 840 780 and ready to take your call or fill out our contact form.

For those who already know which uPVC Doors would improve their Bournemouth home, why not start your quote. Our team will then be in touch to book a home visit before we can give you a bespoke quote of how much our services will cost you, and there is no obligation to book..

We also have a showroom if you would prefer to see our products face-to-face. Our nearest showroom for our Bournemouth customers is our West Parley showroom, located on 171 New Road, BH22 8ED.



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