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Flood your Fleet home with light through our patio doors. County Windows has years of experience installing uPVC doors in homes across Fleet, Hampshire and the South Coast. Contact our team today to start a quote for our Patio Doors. 

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Creating the Illusion of More Space

Patio Doors allow the Fleet homeowner to create the illusion of more space within their home. These uPVC doors are built with a thin frame, accommodating large panes of glazing. This allows you to flood your home with light, which will create the illusion of more space and create a better atmosphere within your home.

By choosing County Windows’ range of patio door, you’ll enjoy an excellent installation service. We are a DGCOS recognised company, meaning we have been thoroughly tested on both our installation and product. The County Windows team has years of experience within the home improvements industry, providing impartial and friendly advice to offer you a product that best fits your property.

Benefits of uPVC Patio Doors

Through investing in our patio doors, you’ll enjoy an A-rated standard of thermal efficiency. The multi-chambered profile works alongside the panes of double or triple glazing to trap in pockets of warm air. This means you’ll enjoy a comfortable temperature within your property throughout the year, even in the coldest of winter months.

As your Fleet home retains its heat for a long period of time through your patio doors, you’ll start to rely less upon your central heating. This will lead to your energy bills reducing, freeing up more money for you to spend on the things you enjoy. As your general energy consumption lessens, so to will the carbon footprint of your home. 

As well as keeping in the heat, our patio doors will keep out the changeable elements. The uPVC profile far exceeds old timber or steel counterparts. The weatherseals fitted within the design will keep out cold draughts and damp.

Even after constant exposure to the elements, the profile of our patio doors will retain their quality. The frame will not warp, bow, rot, twist, flake, crack or twist. The colour itself is imbued within the profile so will not require repainting. The only maintenance you’ll have to carry out is to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

We appreciate that every Fleet property is different. That’s why we offer patio doors that can be customised to suit your property. The first customisable feature is pane configurations, with 2, 3 or 4 available. This allows you to fit these doors into any size property.

Whether your property is traditional, modern, heritage or contemporary, our patio doors will suit your home. We offer these doors in more than 20 different finishes, with decorative glazing options also available. You’ll get a back door that truly reflects the style and tastes of your home.

Our range of patio doors will secure your Fleet home from modern burglary methods. The multi-chambered profile works alongside the panes of glazing and locks to offer a high level of security across the whole of the blind. As standard, we offer multi-point locking on our doors.

The multi-point locking on our patio doors eliminates any potential weak spots that could be exploited. These doors are also fitted with anti-jacking technology, stopping them from being removed outside of the property. You can have full confidence that your Fleet home is protected from modern burglary methods.

By purchasing one of our patio doors for your Fleet home, you’ll have the confidence that our products are built to last. We offer a comprehensive insurance-backed 10-year guarantee with each of our double glazing products. Not only will our doors stand the test of time, but should anything go wrong within this time, our team will endeavour to fix it. We hope by offering this guarantee that you have the confidence to go ahead with your door installation.

Patio Door Prices Fleet

If you’d like to discuss our patio doors for your Fleet home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01962 840 780 or you can fill out our contact form and our team will be back in touch.

For those with a colour in mind for our patio doors, start your quote. Our team will then be in touch to book a home visit before we can give you a bespoke quote of how much our services will cost you, and there is no obligation to book.

 Or why not book a visit to our showroom where you can discuss our back doors in person. Our nearest to Fleet is in Winchester and located at Easton Lane, Winchester, Hampshire.


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